Konscious Being started with the notion of feeling stuck in a mindset of powerlessness. We were exhausted from seeing just how damaging it can be to have the minds of our loved ones and especially ourselves controlled by negative thoughts. That is when we knew we had to take a stand and make a change. A change to better our own lives so we can better the lives around us. 
This is where we decided to stand up to the negative stigmas of mental health. We want to lift those that struggle with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. To give them a brand and a name they can count on. Since the beginning we have stood by our mission of Mind Right, Be the Light. We want to empower our minds so we can then be the light for others. We want to ignite the light in others so this message can spread around our world. 
We are honored and humbled by all of the support thus far. We would love for our mission and vision to reach as many souls as possible. 
If you would like to help us spread our vision follow us Konscious Being on Instagram and like and share our posts with someone who you think would benefit from the positive words and thoughts from our team. 

Inspire & Be a Light to the World

We want to thank all our healthcare and essential working heroes for being on the frontline during this difficult time.


The logo of Konscious Being has multiple meanings as it should, because there is no one answer to true Consciousness. The loop represents the rising sun, meaning a new beginning. The droplet hitting the water represents a ripple in which the mind can expand and awaken the third eye found in the center of the logo. The image is reflected upon itself to represent looking inside ourselves and reflecting upon life.

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